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Fredd Cheetham

Fredd is the Co-Owner and resident artist at the 1001 Troubles Tattoo Studio. Fredd started his career in the little town of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. He eventually opened up his own shop a few years into his career with the help of his business partner Michelle Carter. Together they moved their shop to the wonderful little town of Warren and grew their 2 room private shop into a full-fledged tattoo studio complete with staff.

Fredd obtained his bachelors degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Illustration from the University of Massachusetts. Tattooing now for 8 years he prefers to create large full color pieces, usually in an illustrative style. He loves drawing botanical pieces, animals, marine life, lady-portraits, anything mythological, fantasy and sci-fi subjects. He also has an appreciation for traditional work. 

You can usually find him wearing flannel and goofing off and tattooing all his favorite people Tues-Sat, year round. 

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Michelle Carter



Dani Ryan




May Cheetham