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Fredd Cheetham

Fredd is the Co-Owner and resident artist at the 1001 Troubles Tattoo Studio. Fredd started his career in the little town of Portsmouth, Rhode Island. He eventually opened up his own shop a few years into his career with the help of his business partner Michelle Carter. Together they moved their shop to the wonderful little town of Warren and grew their 2 room private shop into a full-fledged tattoo studio complete with staff.

Fredd is an accomplished and skilled tattoo artist with 9 years of experience. Fredd obtained his bachelors degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Illustration from the University of Massachusetts. He prefers to create large full color pieces, usually in an illustrative style. He loves decorative botanical pieces, animals, marine life, lady-portraits, anything mythological, fantasy and sci-fi subjects. His style boarders on illustrative and neo-traditional work.

You can usually find him wearing flannel and goofing off and tattooing all his favorite people Tues-Sat, year round. 

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Michelle Carter

Michelle Carter is one of most unique and talented color artists, a true gem among cobblestones.

Michelle is the Co-Owner and resident artist at 1001 Troubles. She earned her bachelors degree in Illustration from the University of Massachusetts. She has been tattooing for 7 years. She likes painting and gaming and has a love for all things fuchsia and turquoise. She enjoys making art based on mythological stories with a heavy focus on high fantasy, goth, occult, and female subjects. Her tattoo style is painterly and detailed.

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Charity Enos

Charity has been tattooing professionally for 2 years. A registered nurse, Charity found her calling in art. Eventually she found herself in the tattoo shop realizing what path she wanted to take. Charity completed an apprenticeship under Michelle Carter’s direction. Her work is simple in it’s direction yet complex in it’s meaning and emotional depth with a heavy emphasis on insects, nature, life and death, and the macabre. She focuses on blackwork tattooing, dotwork, and black and grey.

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Dani Ryan

Dani Ryan came to us in 2016 and earned an apprenticeship under Fredd’s instruction. With over 7 years of art school under her belt, Dani graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a Bachelor’s in illustration. She has a delicate yet striking style consisting of tight line work, deep blacks, solid color, and peppery-soft gradients. If you’re looking for a good portrait tattoo, Dani’s the artist for you. Before her career in tattooing she used her talent for commission portrait work in a number of mediums. She enjoys both black and grey and color projects. A jack of all trades.

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May Cheetham

May is our desk manager. She makes the calls, she greets the clients, pays the bills; May ensures we don’t run our business into the ground from impulsively buying that stupid useless shit every tattoo artist thinks they need. She is the gatekeeper and den-mother of this scab-temple. She’s basically the only adult in the room and boy are we lucky to have her! She’s our compass and her service to all our clients and friends is worth it’s weight in gold.

May started working for us in 2016 and she has quickly become our most valuable asset to our group. Quick witted and keen, she has helped propel our shop to become one of the best and most successful tattoo studios in Rhode Island.

Be sure to say hi to her when you swing by!